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  • Bounce Back - After a successful low bid, the time bar bounces back allowing someone else to under bid.
  • Zero Bid - Bidding immediately ends after a bid of zero.
  • Upcoming Items - The next 5 items are listed to allow quicker coding between paper lists.
  • Buyer Comments - This feature allows buyers to record comments before the sale and display them during.


Tax Sales Made Easy

R.A.M.S. was developed to aid County Treasurers with their annual tax sales. R.A.M.S. Sales employ a wired network of laptops running our proprietary software adapted to meet the requirements of each participating jurisdiction. We furnish, setup, monitor, and maintain all of the hardware and software at no separate cost.

Purchasers attend the sale in person and bid via our networked computers, using only a simple mouse click. Sale Officials are provided with terminals to monitor and control the sale. Our representatives attend each sale, and are ready, willing, and able to provide any required assistance throughout the entire process.

R.A.M.S. provides absolute tax sale reliability. It instantly and accurately identifies the winning bid on each item. The sale information is stored, retained, and transferred to your County's databases.


Secure Certificate Printing

In today's world of fraud and uncertainty, R.A.M.S. Certificate Printing puts the faith back into printed paper. Security Features include:

  • VOID When Copied
  • Secure Rub Feature
  • Coin Activated Imprint
  • Ghost Watermark

R.A.M.S. Certificate Printing allows Treasurers and County Clerks the opportunity to sign all the certificates they issue with only one physical signature. The single signature will be digitally printed and stored for future certificate signatures.

The service also supplies you with certificates that are logically sorted for ease of use. You will receive three unique copies of the certificates: Original, Treasurer, and County Clerk copies. The original copy is sorted by buyer name to expedite the mailing process while the Treasurer and County Clerk copies are sorted by certificate number to simplify filing and inquiry processes.

If your county wants to personalize your certificates with its county seal, it will be prominently printed on the certificate, giving a truly unique and official presence to the document. In the event that your county does not wish to use their seal, the State of Illinois seal will be used in its place.

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Tentative scheduling for next year has already begun. Don't wait!!! Call now to reserve your preferred date.


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